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Ultrasonic EMS Body Slimming Massager Ultrasound Cavitation Weight Loss Machine Anti Cellulite Fat Burner Galvanic Infrared|Home Use Beauty Devices|


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Storage attention:

1.Do not use this device when you found power wire poweradapter is hot, damage or power adapter become flex

2.keep the device away from water or moisture place

3.When you dont use the device, please cut off powei

4.keep away from children.

5..Patients, Pregnant women, and cardiac patient can notnse this device.

This Device has 3 Functions:

EMS+Infrared +Ultrasonic>>>Multiplied effect

Instructions for shaping your body line:

Step l:Clean your skin before application

Step2:It is better to do on the parts that need slimming. It is better to do on acupuncture point.

Step3:Sprad the body shaping on your skin

Step4:Massage your skin with ultrasonic wave and far infrared (details pleasereferto

instructions )until the body shaping product is totally absorbed (details please refer

to instruction). This step encourages the absorption ofbody shaping product whilst

stimulates the skin’s circulation and metabolism, makes your skin even tighter!

Please notice:The ultrasonic wave and far infrared will cause a warm feeling to your skin. This is the normal phenomenon, please use with ease (The machine will lower the temperature automatically when it reaches limitation)

Instructions for using the Ultrasonie :

Before the aplication, itiserucialto choose the appropriate skincarepro educt.Itisnot noly consideredasa conduction medium, but also an iprtanteleme ” uoffers nutritionto your skin. Therefore,it is always obligatoryt to apply skin care product before using this mode.

Step 1 Cleanse your skin before application.

Step2 Spread body shaping product on your skin evenly (apply the product separatelyineach section to preventitbeing air-dried and result in an inpaired absorbing effetion

Step3 Plug in the Slimming & Beautify Device.

Step4 Turn on the power (POWER) and the red light will blink.

Step5 Press the SONIC button-once for the low intensity(LOW), twice for the high

intensity (HIGH). Use the low intensity on your face; high intensity can be usedin other parts of the body such as arms, legs.

Step6 Spread the skin care product (Body Shaping product) on areas that you wishtoapplymassage.Remember to keep your skin moisturized (Note: Gel skin care products arerecommended as they are more conductive).

Step7 For starting the massage, please refer to details on the next page.


1.Avoid having any contact with your bone joints such as knee area.

*Warm tips:

We will recommend some special points of EMS for special functions Chinese acupunture point(in the user manual)

Whole Body Treatment:

1. Massage Arms

2. Massage waist and abdomen

3.Massage hip

4.Massage foot and legs

5. Massage face

Package include:

3 in 1 Cavitation body slimming machine * 1

Plug* 1(We provide EU/US/UK type, you can choose your favor plug accorrding to the options)

EMS Pads*2 pairs

1 x User manual

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